Erupted with new force fighting in Libya are accompanied by increased diplomatic activity around the country. The strength of the national consensus Government (NTC) announced the liberation of Tripoli airport, the Libyan national army (LNA) led by field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. The commander went to Cairo, and the head of the NTC Fayez Sarraj going to Ankara. Meanwhile, the Russian foreign Ministry held talks with a delegation of PNS. The visit took place against the background of the frequent accusations against Moscow from Tripoli and the West in the active support of the forces of the Haftarot.On Wednesday evening representatives of the national consensus Government announced the successful liberation of Tripoli international airport from formations of the LDF. In April and may, loyal to the NTC forces predominated over “chapterhouses”. Arab and Western media reported on their retreat to the East of Libya, and the withdrawal from Tripoli “Russian mercenaries” supporting the field Marshal. However, the battle for the Libyan capital is still ongoing. Just recently, LNA has been able to regain control over the city of al-Asabia 100 kilometers southwest of Tripoli.For power in Libya are fighting two major forces — sitting in Tripoli, the national consensus Government under the control of Fayeza Zarraga and the Libyan national army, led by field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. In April of last year, the Haftarot forces launched an offensive on Tripoli, but was unable to take the city. Since December of last year, military support to the NTC on the basis of formal agreements concluded with Tripoli, has Turkey. In January, Moscow and Ankara have attempted to reconcile Fayeza Zarraga and Khalifa the Haftarot, but the negotiations in the Russian capital ended in vain. Past participants on 19 January in Berlin the international conference on Libya have offered their solutions to the Libyan conflict, but the forces of the LDF and the NTC has not stopped fighting.This week sharply increased diplomatic activity around Libya. On Wednesday resumed the work of the joint military Committee, which consists of five senior officers from the LDF and PNS. The willingness of the parties to return to the interrupted in February the work on the eve announced the UN Mission in Libya. One day, as the negotiations were held by video conference.Recall that the outcome of the previous meetings in Geneva was the draft statement “on the strengthening of the cessation of hostilities,” but to put it into practice and failed.It is noteworthy that all the international mediators agree to a cease-fire in Libya, regardless of whose side of the conflict closer to them. In particular, the eve, stated in a telephone conversation, the foreign Ministers of Egypt and the UAE. The two countries actively support the field Marshal Ha��Tara. It is noteworthy that last Wednesday went to Cairo for consultations. In turn, his opponent Fayez Sarraj scheduled for Thursday the talks in Turkey. At the same time, the delegation of PNS in the person of Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Mitiga and foreign Minister Muhammad Tahir Sealy unexpectedly arrived in Moscow, where he held Wednesday talks with foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Deputy Mikhail Bogdanov. After that the Russian Minister spoke by phone with Egyptian counterpart on the initiative of the latter.”The Russian side emphasized the importance of a speedy cessation of hostilities, and inclusive dialogue, involving all the leading Libyan political forces and social movements”,— stated in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry after talks with a delegation of PNS. The document noted “fundamental support” published in late April, the initiative of the speaker based on the East of Libya of the house of representatives Agila Saleh. We will remind, mister Saleh claimed that the initiative was actually put forward by “Russian”, as fighting around Tripoli received unfavorable for the LDF turnover. According to him, the Libyans were encouraged to declare a ceasefire in Tripoli and to hold talks to form a new Presidential Council. Since then, the situation at the front for the LDF has only worsened.During the talks, Moscow will also focus on “relevance of purpose” a new special representative of the UN Secretary-General for Libya, is retired on March 1, Hasan Salam. The acting special representative was appointed American Stephanie Williams. Her candidacy Moscow is not satisfied. Back in April, Sergey Lavrov stressed that the special representative “must be from African countries, from the country, which is shared with Libya the region.” It is obvious that in Moscow there are fears of growing US influence in the course of the settlement of the Libyan conflict. It is noteworthy that on the eve of visit to Moscow, Mr. Mitig met with the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Richard norandom. They discussed prospects for the resumption of the military Committee (the day before the announcement of the UN Mission) and the political dialogue in General “for all responsible Libyan parties, are willing to lay down their arms and refuse foreign intervention”.Washington after a break has intensified its activity in Libya and makes every effort to discredit Russia as a player in the region. In particular, frequent accusations of Moscow in that it helps the forces of the Haftarot, providing it with military aircraft, mercenaries and money. These accusations were repeated by the representatives of Tripoli.The third important emphasis on the Moscow talks is the confirmation of the willingness of Russian business to resume its operation�� in Libya after the normalization there is the military-political situation. According to the statement, the Russian foreign Ministry, the main obstacle for “the progressive development of mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation,” the stay in prison of Russian citizens sociologist Maxim Shugaley and his interpreter Camera Safana arrested in Tripoli in may 2019. In Moscow, stressed the need for “early and unconditional” release of the Russians.”Building a dialogue with Tripoli is a good step that can balance Russian politics, the recent Pro-Eastern Bank. But it is important to understand that without addressing the key issue of release of prisoners in prison largely on trumped up charges of Russians to the real relations between Moscow and the NTC should not wait”,— said “Kommersant” the Director for the Middle East consulting company of Moscow Policy Group Yury Barmin. He also noted that on the international arena Russia is perceived as a party that may have an impact on the Haftarot for the conclusion of the truce and the transition to the political process. “However, after the failure of attempts at reconciliation of the parties in the beginning of 2020 and the subsequent series of failures of the Haftarot last month it became apparent that the Russian influence is very conditional,”— said the expert. In his opinion, Russia should establish a dialogue with European partners, including Italy, France and Germany, for the resumption of the Berlin political process.In the opinion of RIAC expert Kirill Semenov, the visit of the delegation of the NTC means that Moscow and Ankara have decided to restart the Berlin process thus to play a leading role. He recalled in mid-may, a telephone conversation of presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which they noted “the need for an early resumption of the indefinite truce and mezhliviysky dialogue based on the decisions of the Berlin conference”. “After the NTC forces took the airbase “El Watia,” Russia and Turkey have decided to renew on their own terms, efforts to restart the political process begun in Berlin. This is evidenced by the withdrawal of Russian mercenaries and forces of the LNA from under Tripoli. It is noteworthy that at the time of the withdrawal of Turkish drones ceased to strike blows on them”,— said the expert. Thus mister Semenov stressed that “Tripoli will never agree to talks if the opposite side will be Khalifa Haftar”. “Haftar has lost the confidence of its allies. And we see in recent times that Moscow is doing everything possible to keep its role in the East of Libya, not tying it to the field Marshal. Russia is looking for other intermediaries, which can solve the desired tasks. Not accidentally, arose the initiative of Saleh. HaftaR still hopes for Cairo, but, apparently, the positions of Russia and Egypt are largely agreed upon,”— said Kirill Semenov.Marianna Belenkaya