One hundred circles of nobility

14 million pounds collected Tom Moore his act of generosity and selflessness. This money is earmarked to British hospitals for salvation is infected with a coronavirus. For many of the rich of this world, this amount would be only a small fraction of their vast and not always honestly acquired wealth. Who will remember them when they leave this earth? Few. And captain Tom Moore will be on for many years and even for centuries, a symbol of selflessness and generosity. Hope that will agree with the millions and millions of people.

Leo Tolstoy, the mouth of a simple Russian peasant, was asked in his novel “Anna Karenina” philosophical question: why do we live, really only for the stomach? Former army officer Tom Moore, who fought in the battles of the Second world war, it seems, has not had to look for the answer to the question of the Russian writer-genius. For his own conscience, of course, honored to be on this beautiful white light is won not only its own welfare and work for the benefit and good of others.

Living in the English County of Bedfordshire veteran Tom Moore originally started to raise money to repay caring for him in hospital nurses, at the time when he was recovering from cancer and hip fracture. Hardly could he imagine that will bring more than a thousand pounds, and much more. 700 thousand people from all over the world sent money to captain Moore, standing beside him in the struggle for the salvation of seriously ill.

on the Eve of its centennial anniversary Tom Moore has received thousands of letters of appreciation and congratulations. Last Thursday, shortly before three in the afternoon, visit captain Tom’s JustGiving, which is temporarily shifted in a crash shortly after he finished his charity “Hiking”, was designated donations in excess of 14 million pounds. Under the petition calling to assign to Tom Moore knighted was signed by 200 thousand people.

the head of the world health organization Tedros Aden Hebraeus warmly thanked Tom Moore for his noble action. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised in order to find the best way to Express your appreciation. To this humble veteran replied that he was infinitely pleased and proud of this recognition of his modest achievements, but he did nothing particularly heroic in order to attract such enormous attention to the person.

a British war veteran admitted that his centenary, he will meet in two weeks, would be marred today’s epidemic, but the love and support he received from thousands and thousands of people will “feast enough for me.”