The corona virus has made our life a bit turned upside down. Fortunately, the weather is not down. It is in this week’s pretty nice during the day. Sunday will be the best day for it with temperatures that can locally be up to 20 degrees. Remove the grill at the top!

finally, We need to make the most of to become, we are limited in what we can do. Fortunately, for the second week in a row, pretty nice. Because the gloomy weather, we can do that now, or miss out on.

as A result of a strong high pressure system, with the nucleus in the west of Ireland, the controls currently in us. This allows for the flow of cold polar and stable in the air all over the country. during the Night, it can happen.

Wednesday starts out sunny, but later, with the cloud, but it continues to be dry, ‘ said the RMI.

at Thursday’s start, after a night of freezing conditions, with a wide opklaringen in the south-east of the country, as elsewhere, there is more cloud cover. The cloud draws in progressively more inland, and in the afternoon, in the mid – to often remain cloudy. A local little rain, it is not impossible, but in most areas will remain dry. The limits range between 6 degrees celsius at the b & b, and to 11 degrees in the west. There is also a weak-to-moderate wind blowing from the south-west, to the west.

Friday is usually uneven, to remain cloudy, with morning, still a chance of a little rain in the afternoon with chance of a local shower. On the coast you are likely to have a wide opklaringen and keeps it dry. At the end of the afternoon, pulling the opklaringen further inland to the centre of town. This is the start of a pleasant weekend.

after that, it is in the morning, and throughout the wide opklaringen, and there is a chance of a light frost or grondvorst. At the end of the day to develop there has to be stapelwolken, and to exchange fix times with opklaringen. However, it continues to be dry. It has been a few degrees softer, with a maximum between 9 and 14 degrees celsius. The wind is usually weak in the south-east. On the shore there in the late afternoon with a weak sea-breeze to arise, and the wind turns to the north-east. In the interior, it will be more comfortable for you to walk along the shore. Please note that we do not have to go to sea.

As for the cards, now presented, is, Sunday is a great day, with a sunny and mild spring weather. “It is likely to remain clear, and the temperature may climb to a range between 15 to locally 20 degrees. The wind is blowing, still weak from the south-east and gradually increasing to moderate from the south”, says the RMI.

those Who, out of the wind, it can feel free to have a barbecue fire. As long as you do not have people to invite!
More about the royal meteorological institute, the Dry and sunny weather with partly cloudy and a chance of showers Weather forecast: “Sunny and 14 degrees celsius in the middle of the country,” Saturday promises to be dry and mild weather