While summer is in full swing, it must be time to get out on picnics and enjoy the parks and beautiful fields of daisies and cornflowers. “Kommersant Style” chose the cutest accessories for a fashionable picnic from the basket, like Jane Birkin, the beautiful dishes and table games.A picnic basket or wicker comipany accessory for a picnic wicker basket. Note a set of dishes or just on the cute baskets in the style of Jane Birkin, where to put a pair of glasses, a piece of cheese, fruit or lemonade. In an alternative eco-friendly option, you can take a knitted bag or a spacious canvas bag.The tube or decanter for viawest fashionable picnic baskets you can take braided tube, reminiscent of a neat handbag, or the carafe lid to the lemonade or iced tea for sure and don’t spill on the way. For those who develops her talent as a sommelier, you will need a set of decanters for wine.Reusable pesadamente disposable, environmentally unfriendly and, admittedly, not very convenient utensils bring a refillable and beautiful, where guests would eat and drink, even if it weighs a little more than I would like. Beautiful glasses made of glass are virtually weightless, and the bright plates and glass tubes can be decoration for a picnic and the surrounding landscape.Board or odnoaktnaya and lightweight Board of wood or wicker tray will come in handy, so nice to arrange snacks for a picnic. They can also be used as a tabletop, so that even in the wild forest was as comfortable as possible. Bright Skatertny tablecloth or colorful napkins will create the mood. If the machine will allow, you can grab another blanket and pillow to make a real feast in the fresh air, as during the African Safari or vacation in the desert with Bedouins.Hilperton compact portable grill is perhaps the best solution for a barbecue on the nature. It can take to cook meat or vegetables on the grill without the fire. The main thing — to take care of good kindling, charcoal and matches.Table igrushechniy, backgammon, monopoly, Alias, cards, or poker – bring a Board game, in which you can play after an active badminton and Frisbee. Natalya Kudryavtseva