“Natuurpunt” has released a new app being developed that have like 15,000 different species of plants, flowers, animals, and insects it can recognize on the basis of a photograph. With Obsidentify of silence, you not only have your own experience, but you also bring the nature in your own back yard or during your daily walk in it.

Along with colleagues, developed “Natuurpunt” < / I> Obsidentify , is a simple app that provides nearly 15,000 species recognized, from the smallest bug to a dragonfly, a tiny snail, to a wild orchid. “If it is a wild-type, which is arranged in the Benelux region will be identified, recognized, which is normal,” says Hannes Ledegen of Natuurpunt Studie. And if you know that your garden is just a few of the thousands of species crawling, flying, or growing, it is also close to a lot of you to explore.

“Now that we have the coronacrisis around the house, need to continue to be, the app is a great tool for working with nature, even in small gardens,” says Ledegen. “So it’s up to you, for example, to know which of the weeds in the garden, woekert. If you have the right name, you’ll get even more respect and admiration for all the native wonders of nature and let it stand.”

By taking a picture of and that store, says the app, which is the butterfly, bug or flower it is. Image: “rr”

Experts to give you a definite answer.

Obsidentify to work, it is very simple and easy. “You can take a picture of the plant or animal that you would like to know about it. Obsidentify will give you the name of the type. It’s just a matter of seconds.” If the picture is not clear, it may be that the app is not 100 percent conclusive, but it is also clearly stated. “When you get to the “save” button, that is, the identification is included in the data set.be able to experts, the pictures too, so make it clear in the confusion.”

Plus, for the experts, the database of observations.be, shall, with the assistance of the app is prone to be extensive. “The Benelux countries are some 22,000 species are recorded. About 7,000 of them are very rare. Included In the app are the only species where we did about twenty pictures of it, so it may be that there is a type of shooting which is very rare. For example, a Hilly nature and wildlife photographer, most recently, a gesterde distelboorvlieg in front of his lens. It was the first and last time that the flight was being photographed. That kind of observation, we hope to see more and as such, our knowledge is still increasing.”

thanks to the help of everyone who Obsidentify once released in the nature, close to home. The app is for ios, Android, and iOS.