Time is precious and so a watch. Almost everyone wears a watch. What does it imply? Is it considered a need? Many people see it that way because it shows that we give high value to time, to the point that we need a watch to manage our time properly.

But apart from that reason, why do people use different watches? Why would some people even indulge in investing in luxurious watches? Is it because of their known worth in the market? Or is it because of their timeless and durable quality? Read more to find out how one luxurious watch made it and is still making it to the top list of renowned and trusted brands since the 1800s.

What’s in an Omega watch?

Omega is a company of the SWATCH group from Switzerland and has been in the market since 1848. It is one of the top brands of high-quality Swiss watches and was widely known worldwide when it got its highest annual production of 240,000 watches in four years. You could just imagine its record-breaking production, sweeping off the other brands out of the highest spot. That is also the reason the name became synonymous with terms excellence, brilliance, and success. As to the origin of the name, the term ‘Omega’ is also the last letter in the Greek alphabet which connotes ‘accomplishment’ and “end goals.”

What’s New With Omega?

Discover the new generation of Omega watches released this 2021. We know Omega watches to be timeless and consistently defying the odds. It was a challenge for other brands to keep up with this distinct feature of Omega. The “Omega Speedmaster” once made it to the moon with NASA, and now Omega is defying the depths underwater through its “Omega Divemaster.” You don’t need to worry about your Omega watch whenever you are planning to delve into the waters. The new features of Omega Divemaster made it possible for you to enjoy your underwater adventure to the fullest.

Another innovative model of Omega watch is the ‘Constellation’ for women. Who would have thought that you can wear 940 precious stones in a single watch? Well, again, Omega made that possible. Recently, it released the model ‘Constellation’ for Ladies and was also featured for Mother’s Day celebration as perfect for mother-daughter, or twinning watches. And yes! It was an enormous success for Omega.

It’s a plus that Omega never runs out of new ideas and innovation with leveling up the features of their watches. No wonder that they can live up to the new normal world with their out-of-this-world surprises. Vintage favorites are still one of their strong trends and of course, the adventurous durable types are still kicking with their top sales. They have a lot of must-have designs available for their new generation set. 

What are the Popular Models of Omega Watch?

Omega watches are popular for their diverse sets of collections. Each collection has a story to tell, mostly are historical, relevant, and interesting. Find out here why.

Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Give this collection a try as it would give you a glimpse of what it feels like to travel in space, particularly to the Moon. This collection’s design has been updated and inspired by the famous 4th generation style, which was worn by Apollo 11 astronauts when they went to the Moon decades ago. This collection is one of the best sellers of the Omega brand available in the market.

De Ville Prestige Gents’ Collection

One of the strong collections released by Omega is its Gents Collection. We consider the De Ville Prestige collection one-of-a-kind for it offers a mixture of elegance, purity, timelessness, and classic appeal—all wrapped in its designs. The highlight of this set is that a treasure is being featured in every timepiece included in it. This has been an all-time favorite of all ages. Users find this collection stylish and trendy for all seasons.

Seamaster Diver 300M Collection

Seamaster has been on the scene since 1993 and has been a legend since then. Many watch enthusiasts have been following this collection, especially the adventurous users who prefer this kind of outdoor watch collection. Omega offered its users a surprise makeover of this collection to celebrate its release’s 25th anniversary. The company updated some materials to a higher level being powered by Master chronometer calibers, but they kept the ocean spirit in it. It is so far one of the best collections of Omega for its precision, high levels of magnetic resistance, and performance. 

Why Choose Omega?

What sets Omega apart from the other brands of watches? What is its edge? These are the supporting questions to the main lingering question—Why Omega? Well, why not?

When you talk about Omega, it’s not always about its being the luxury Swiss watch. It is more on the legacy that made a mark on its users. Apart from its remarkable participation in some of the relevant historical events, the Omega watch has also its distinct features which made it a top choice of many. Omega knows how to play the game. They know their wide variety of users and how diverse the latter is. That is the rationale of the existence of their vast array of watches or models.


Watches are merely for time-checking, but through a world-renowned brand, you can always wear something for a lot more experience and reasons than that. Many people find it hard to look for a watch that matches their personality or that one that can meet their high standards and expectations. Luxury watches can be seen anywhere – in the malls, jewelry shops, or online shops. With just one click, you can get your dream watch that fits perfectly for you.

So, if you are after the elegance, class, or high-quality features of a watch, then you may opt to check the Omega watches available now in the market. See it for yourself and find the perfect fit for your wrist, for your activities, and your personality. Let the watch speak for you.