The Ukrainian government expects a new surge in the incidence of coronavirus in the coming days. Signs of new epidemiological crisis is obvious — incidence curve again creeping up, quarantined closed a few cities and even the whole Donetsk region — more precisely, that part which is under the control of Kiev. The government is already beginning to weaken the country bans for the business. This demand from the authorities the participants of the protests were held in recent days in several Ukrainian cities.On Wednesday, the Ministry of health of Ukraine reported that the number of people infected with coronavirus is very close to the mark of 10 thousand people. 250 cases died — 71% of them had concomitant diseases, in particular heart, kidney or respiratory conditions, and diabetes.The peak incidence, as warned by doctors, and government officials, has not yet passed. According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Smagala, in early may, the country is expected to surge in the incidence. Mr. Smigel believes that the authorities have three choices: continue the prohibition to return to normal life, abolishing all existing restrictions, or to proceed to the so-called adaptive quarantine, gradually abandoning the prohibitions. It was the third option the most preferred Prime Minister calls and reports in Facebook that gets a lot of appeals from Ukrainians with a request to speed up the process of release from quarantine.Ukrainians do not just appeal to the officials. In the last few days in Ternopil, Poltava and several other cities held rallies owners of small and medium-sized businesses and their employees with the requirements to cancel the current total ban on cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and shopping centres. On Wednesday, protesters had already gathered in the government quarter of Kiev. Protesters who had gathered a few hundred people, demanded to allow them to resume work, promising to ensure strict compliance with all sanitary regulations.The demonstrators left the MP from the party “Voice” Yaroslav Zheleznyak included in the tax Committee of Parliament. He promised to make every effort to the deputies as soon as possible has developed regulations for the return of small and medium business to work. The MP lamented the fact that Ministers do not realize the complexity of the situation. “Two months after the start of quarantine members have not received a plan out of it, no one does not think about it. Perhaps now the government will understand that, of course, scared to die from coronavirus, but no less terrible and the death of the economy”,— said the Deputy.To revise the terms of the quarantine and call on the deputies of the ruling party “servant of the people”. Some members of the parliamentary faction of the party put their signatures onbrasenia to the head of the government with the request to use in different regions of Ukraine with different approaches to combat coronavirus: to tighten quarantine where there is the danger of mass infections, and weaken where the epidemic is on the decline. “Projected economic and labour crisis, the majority of the population were left without a livelihood and without an actual place of work”,— the statement says.The Ukrainian government is forced to listen to the protests — at its meeting on Wednesday it eliminated food markets from the list of trade places, work which is prohibited during the quarantine.With regard to local authorities, they have the right to regulate some of the quarantine regulations, however, only in the direction of tightening. And the situation forces them to use it. Earlier, local authorities had restricted entry and exit to the city of Pochaev of Ternopil region in the Donetsk region, where after the Easter holidays it was found a large number of new patients. And on the morning of 29 April, a similar ban introduced in Kakhovka Kherson region. After the city was discovered 22 cases, the regional Commission on questions tekhnogenno-ecological safety and emergency situations was barred from leaving Kiev until at least may 6. Restricted entry into the city — getting there can be only permanent residents.Officials and doctors through the media, SMS campaigns and street agitation continued to explain to Ukrainians that the most effective way of preventing infection remains the rejection of social contacts and strict isolation. But exhortations are not far at all. So, in Izmail, Odesa oblast, police arrested Barber, who took clients at home. The master, which, by the way, the police handed over her client, fined for violation of quarantine. And from the Ternopil region received a message about the death of 55-year-old priest, researcher-imposed authorities restrictions. In the administration of the Shumsky district region reported: a priest, a religious affiliation which is not specified, secretly held worship services in their home and probably contracted the coronavirus from one of the parishioners.Among the infected are still many clergy who primarily belong to refused to close the temples to the quarantined Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP). Police are now investigating violations of quarantine in several churches and monasteries of the UOC-MP in different regions of the country. It is possible that soon this work will be connected and staff of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU). There has been at least one formal appeal against the actions of priests, jeopardizing national security. Written complaint the mayor of Netishyn X��the elnitskaya region Oleksandr Suprunyuk. “The actions of priests inadequate, they signed a document pledging not to allow mass gatherings. But ignored commitments, and I believe that this is the basis for criminal prosecution,” he told the publication “Yea” ( And explained that the coronavirus can threaten the health of employees located in Netishyn, Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant and it is therefore necessary the intervention of the SBU.Matthew Shimanov, Kiev