jellyfish Lion’s Mane after a long absence was seen in the vicinity of some beaches in the North-Eastern part of the United States. Jellyfish, which can reach a size of 1.2 meters in diameter with tentacles over 30 meters, was discovered along the coast from Maine to Massachusetts, CNN reports.

due to its size, the jellyfish Lion’s mane is especially dangerous for swimmers and divers. Its long tentacles can sting a person with the impression that Medusa is just a few meters from him. On the beaches around the North-East coast of the USA showing the flags indicating the “presence of dangerous marine animals”, says the report of the Department of conservation and recreation of Massachusetts.

the Beaches Khingam and Sujata, popular with tourists during the weekend, published reports of the rescue service, which we recommend caution when swimming in areas where there may be jellyfish. This species of jellyfish often appear in deep water in the North Atlantic in late spring and early summer. But this year they were seen on the coast and later in greater numbers than before.

According to experts, this phenomenon is caused by temperature and seasonal changes in ocean water. According to Amy Arnold, a senior expert at the Georgia aquarium, Lion’s mane may prestiti more jellyfish than usual if the water temperature is unstable. While Medusa “Lion’s mane” is more likely to breed in the icy water. Although this year it was reported about serious bites jellyfish of this type, none of them led to death.