The inhabitants of the Italian village of Ferrera Erbognone, in the northern part of Italy, it would appear to be immune to the feline corona virus. In the surrounding towns and cities, and in the hard-hit region of Lombardy, there is a great besmettingshaarden, but in the town of hit, to date, none have been infected. Scientists are studying the blood of the inhabitants, in order to get it.

Italian media have named it “the mystery of the Ferrera Erbognone”. As for the surrounding villages, and the region of Lombardy was ravaged by the virus, the population of the village is immune from it. It was, to date, not a single infection is confirmed. Be very careful in suggesting to scientists that the people in one way or another, are immune to the virus. A nearby research center in the Mondino institute, which is awaiting a permit from the local authorities for the large-scale tests to be run. Residents can voluntarily sign up. If it turns out that this small population have antibodies in their blood, it would be able to contribute to the development of a vaccine.

The mayor of the village, and warns against excessive optimism. “It will take at least two months before the results are known. Up until that time, we should not have false expectations or hopes to create, let alone all the myths that are not true, are based in the world.” However, he believes that it is important for it to be on for the bot to search for, with regard to his village in a “unique position” is.

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