In Norway spouse surname Christensen in the repair of a private house located in the town of Bode, found the remains of an ancient burial site Dating from the Viking age.

On the unexpected discovery told newspaper the Local. It was the center of the country. The couple started a repair in his home. The bedroom floors were opened – the owners were planning to put them under the new insulation layer.

During the renovation was partially removed a layer of sand and stones, which was located under the floorboards. Then the attention of spouses and drew something shiny. It was a small round object, which they first took over the wheel from an old toy.

Digging in the sand they dug a large bead, heavily corroded iron axe and a few other fragments of iron products. Repairs were suspended, and on the discovery of a couple reported to local authorities. Those contacted by archaeologists from tromsø Museum.

Experts have dated the found bead, axe, and other fragments of the early medieval period. The artifacts were manufactured between 950 and 1050 BC, that is, they belong to the era of the Vikings. Now these findings are presented in the Museum for further study and subsequent preservation.

Under the house spouses Christensen were excavated. The head of the mission, archaeologist Martinus Hauglid said that the couple likely came upon the grave of the Viking age. The stones they found under a layer of sand, probably are part of the funerary pyramids.

“I’ve never heard of anything like that, about such a discovery under the house, although working in this field for almost 30 years, says Hauglid. – The hosts did a great job as they reported the discovery as soon as they had a suspicion that was indeed something ancient”.

By the way, this house was built in 1914. In family records and traditions there is no mention about that under the floor of the bedroom is a place of eternal rest of the Vikings.

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