the water Artyom jumps from four years. He grew up in a sports family: his grandfather was coaching the football team of the USSR, mother was a teacher in gymnastics. The son she had given to secure, in its view, the pool. Seven-year-old kid Silchenko has mastered the 10-meter tower. Dobravshis to a gold medal and the Russian team, he left the classic sport – I wanted something more. Cliff diving Artem learned in China.

– Jump lasts a few seconds, but preparing for it over the years. Keep on replaying in my head, I imagine in the smallest detail. In flight because of the chance to correct the error will be gone. The water is very hard, it cannot be underestimated. The smallest mistake can at any moment to change your future, – said the athlete. – In the water hopper and enters at the speed of 80-100 kilometers per hour – straight as a string, without a splash, and then bent in a large arc going from a collision with the bottom.

the Standard height of cliff diving 27 metres, the nine-floor house. Once in China Silchenko had the opportunity to jump with 34 feet – the water level in the lake under the rock suddenly fell. If ordinary viewers enough that people jumping from nine-and still alive, then at the Championships, which includes everything a departure from the platform, the flight itself – it is necessary to insert a maximum number of difficult and spectacular elements – and finally, most importantly – entry into the water. It affects not only the life of a jumper, but also his place in the standings.

After studying in China, Artem has performed on cruise ships. Three shows a day for eight or nine jumps each. There met his future wife, Pauline – she’s a synchronized swimmer. Back in Voronezh, a son was born, followed by daughter. After victories at the world Championships Artem dollar fees for the performance were measured by a four-digit sums. But the coronavirus has not left many out of business, including athletes. Now he gets 1300 rubles per day shift and quite happy with it.

Is a normal man thing – to feed my family. Found work through friends, it is not constant – is called when necessary. For example, to deliver sacks of cement to the fourth floor. Great exercise, I have never been in such good shape!

After exercise with building materials Artem Silchenko does at home by the method of Alexander Zass. Iron Samson, Zass as he was called by fans, has developed a complex of exercises for development of muscles and tendons. Here are a few methods from him that will help to keep good physical form at isolation.

For training will need a durable strap. Take the ends in hand, leaving the left straight, right bent, trying to stretch the belt. Repeat for the left hand.

Straight hands holding the belt above my head at shoulder width or slightly wider. Tie belt to the side, straining your arms, chest, upper body.��be back.

Bend both hands in front of chest. While holding the belt, pull his right hand toward your left elbow, and left to right.

Tie the belt behind your back raised to shoulder level with your hands, work the triceps.

On the exhale wrap the chest strap and fasten it. On the inhale tense your chest and back by stretching the belt.

the Reigning champion of the “Roland Garros” in doubles the German Kevin krawietz at the time of coronopus got a job as an unskilled worker in a supermarket. “Spread product, sorted and Packed boxes. Recently stood at the entrance and sprayed the cart with a disinfectant. Work for several weeks, earned 450 euros,” – boasted a tennis player.