“the Russian newspaper” Yuri Solomin spoke about his premiere performance “the Last time” on the novel by Valentin Rasputin, recently returned to the stage of the Maly theater.

Yuri: Valentin Rasputin was the premiere of another of our graduation performance “Last time”, which we renewed at the request of children in anniversary memory of Olga N. Solomina (wife of J. M. Solomin. – Approx. ed.), taught on their course with me producing the show. And approved it.

Valentin Rasputin’s not very fond of the theatre for his Convention, and then suddenly this recognition, and even novice artists…

Yuri: Yes, it was unforgettable. Valentin came on the scene, all the performers kissed, took photos with them. I must say, the elapsed time did not affect the enthusiasm for this work, now our artists.

for Example, when I decided to replace the role of a twelve-year-old daughter of Michael Ninci grown-up actress Daria Mingazetdinova, she cried and begged me to leave her. Came up with his heroine’s wounded leg, wrapped in rags, that’s why became to limp, and my grandmother was left with no choice but to feel sorry for deadbeat granddaughter.

Your performance makes a strong impression. And how many performances of this work – both strong and weak. Expect something new was not possible…

Yuri: about the new… as far As I know, “the Last time” this season put in the Gorky MKhAT. I was going to watch this show, but I saw the film with his record, solved in the genre of Comedy… How could it occur to the Director such decision, if we are talking about the last date of the mother with older children who are suddenly strangers?

We did not intend to compete. We have our own vision of drama and comicvine is useless. Although we are coming to the dying Anna neighbor Mironica is also a funny woman, but her biography is read, the fate of abandoned children, an old mother, which is a pity to tears.

Remember, we have a Minister of culture Alexander Avdeev. One day he asked us to “deadline” in the College, provided that, in the hall none of the others were not. And imagine, he was crying.

I also saw during the broadcast of our performance the audience cry and they were tears of cleansing catharsis.

in creating the tragic atmosphere of the farewell of a dying Anna, not so much seeing the joy, but not angry at people and carrying them the light was the main merit of Olga Nikolaevna (Culm. – Approx. ed.) who loved their students as their own children.

And after a year, when she died, they asked me to resume the play. At first, they rehearsed themselves becath that I two weeks dropped out of the work schedule.

had to go for prevention in the hospital.

However the audience hope – if not in the movie, then on the stage to see you.

Yuri: I recently went to visit the Director of the film “Moscow Saga”. And then began to ask for my performances. But I had to disappoint them, because now I don’t go on stage. (Although I can see in the play “Filumena Marturano” written on tape.) Exceptionally I have asked the Directorate to keep for themselves Famusov in “Woe from wit”, but I’m not used to working in half a leg, and this role takes too much force and need a huge amount of energy. Here I have it , this energy, is gradually gaining…

But if the play in a wheelchair, Alexander Kalyagin played his hlestakova in “the auditor” theatre Et Cetera?

Yuri: No, it’s not for me, because I believe the main theatre playwright and always follow his plan. When the Director stands on the same position, I am ready to follow him into fire and water, and they teach their students. Probably you will agree with me that for the large works, there is no Statute of limitations, because there are eternal themes, as in the “Last time”, and they concern every individual, every family.

Olga Nikolaevna Yuri mefodyevich Solomin lived for more than 60 years, noting in 2017 diamond wedding. Until the last days – may 2019 – she was the acting course at the Schepkin drama school… the Work of Valentin Rasputin has always been a close married couple Solominic and Small theater. For many years writer and theatre became friends. Rasputin was a welcome guest at performances of Small; on his initiative, the theatre repeatedly went on tour in the hometown of Valentina G. Irkutsk.

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