the Document allows foreigners to cross the Brazilian border at any international airport, apart air gates located in the States of Mato Grosso do Sul, paraíba, rondônia, Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins, where the situation with the spread of the coronavirus still remains difficult. The entry of land and sea transportation for the next month.

“a Foreign citizen entering the country for short-term stays of up to 90 days to provide the transport company before boarding a confirmation of the purchase medical insurance valid in Brazil for entire trip”, – stated in the decree. Document specifically emphasizes that in the absence of health insurance the immigration authorities may prohibit foreign tourists entering the country.

the First restrictive measures on entry to Brazil for foreigners due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 was introduced in late March.

Every month the government published a decree extending their term. The ban in the first place, was aimed at limiting the flow of tourists and did not concern the foreign owners of long-term workers and scientific visas, entering the country by air.

According to the Ministry of health of Brazil on July 29, the country revealed 2.55 million cases of infection with coronavirus, of which 1.8 million people have recovered, more than 90 thousand died from COVID-19. Over the past day, were 69 million new infections, 1.6 thousand died.

Despite the relatively high daily rates of morbidity and mortality from coronavirus, the situation with this disease in the country is gradually stabiliziruemost. Brazil came out on a plateau, although small, daily growth of new cases continues to occur in some regions.