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It was a formal count, mayor Leopold Lippens, said that all of the major events in his coastal city for this year would be cancelled. That is, upon contact with a range of organisations and providers. The prohibition does not come from the community itself, but would be logistically impossible, due to the common corona virus. “40,000 people at the fireworks festival to the other to get caught? Would be unthinkable,” says Lips.

While a lot of people are now looking forward to better days to come, you think the mayor Lippens, and that’s coronacrisis is the year that will make you feel. Further, he considers that it is not realistic that in 2020, there are still a large of events will take place in Knokke-Heist, belgium. The cosmopolitan seaside town has a lot of: Knokke, Place on 19 June and 23 July, Kneistival, (16-21 July), International fireworks festival (17-23 August), and for the Zoute Grand Prix (8-11 October). It is a culinary festival, Mise-en-Sore, it was already on your computer. That is to be found on the website of the event.

The Public Health! All the rest does not interest us”

“People often think that it is summer and happily playing, as if there was nothing wrong with it. And that’s just not realistic,” says Lips. “40,000 people are packed together at the fireworks festival: you’ll see it’s all going to happen? That is, it is simply impossible. The health is the most important thing. And all the rest does not interest us.”

The mass of events in Knokke-Heist, belgium will bring hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists on the streets. In the general case of cancellation, the economic impact is hard to overlook. And some traders are already on their part of the work. “It’s not the city council that will ban”, says Lippens.


“We have been in contact with all the organizations and vendors of these events. We have known them for many years. It tells us that the success of the logistics and the practical are simply not realistic, that the major events will still go on. It’s not our decision to make, but it is the logical thing to do. I understand some people are still not very good. All over our country, people are dying, and others talk only about whether or not to continue the business. This is not a joke, right?”

the Lips were prior to the outbreak of the crisis in the first church at this moment “light” was placed before the federal measures announced were. He’s got as hard a matter for the federal government. “If no one decides to be in this country, then I will do it. What is a lack of knowledge”, thundered he. Once again, he waits and, therefore, national guidance does not finish.

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