In Illinois (USA) died a Baby that was infected with the Coronavirus. Whether the Virus is the cause of death could not doctors clear yet. Previous studies assumed that children tend to be very rarely, to severe cases. Also in the case of the first Sars-pandemic in 2002/2003 showed that young people were rarely severely affected.

Nevertheless, even if you usually have histories of mild – there are newborns that are infected. Also in China now infections have been reported. At the children’s hospital in Wuhan three newborns were tested positive for the Virus. Their mothers were ill during the pregnancy, Covid-19. The three babies were part of a group of 33 women with newborns, the remaining 30 children were tested after birth negative.

mothers can transmit the Virus to Unborn transfer

this raises The question: Can the Virus from Pregnant women to her unborn child? And you need to protect, therefore, now especially?

The answer is simple: “no.” Gynecologist Nikolaos Trifyllis speaks daily with mothers expectant. The chief doctor of women’s clinic of the St. Franziskus-Hospital of Münster, know that many are scared, afraid, and especially her Unborn child to have. “I would like to become calm mothers,” he explains in an interview with FOCUS Online.

“compared to all The other people do not need to protect Pregnant women especially. Developing your risk is just as high, or low, as is the case with any other people.“ You have pre-existing conditions, count on the at-risk group, otherwise, the risk for a severe course, relatively low.

Also for the Unborn Trifyllis is that there is no danger. “According to our present state of knowledge, transmitted the Virus in non-Pregnant on the child, even if you yourself are ill.”

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“Normal” risk of Contagion

is Larger, however, the risk that diseased mothers transmit the Virus through close contact, such as Cuddling. “The child is so ‘normal’,” says the gynecologist. He assumes that this was for the babies in China. In case of doubt, the mother and the child should then first of all, no to close contact, a Mouth guard, the mother would be conceivable, if these symptoms of a Covid-19-show disease. Could breast-feeding mothers to continue. Product recommendation (display)

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“How easily newborns with their mothers infected, with the data,” explains Trifyllis we lack at the moment. “What we see, however, in the case of other viruses, is that the risk of Infection is relatively low. Regardless of Covid-19, we observe again and again that babies have a strong immune system. Even if your mother is sick, such as a severe cold has to do with the children often to be healthy.“

No visit to the hospital

Some hospitals prohibit accompanying persons at birth. This is for many Pregnant women have to be stressful, you want your family to have around. “We have therefore decided for a middle ground,” explains Trifyllis.

“At the birth of an additional person is allowed in the delivery room, after that we allow no visitors.” That is not necessarily a bad thing, shows his experience. “Some mothers report a very special bond that you can build in the first days to your child, just because you are alone with him.”

the house is not more secure

births to Other mothers choose to have the child at home. “People are currently very uncertain about. Many people associate the Virus with the hospital,” says the gynecologist, “as if it is a hospital germ. Therefore, some Pregnant women choose not to get your child in the clinic.“

to protect A home birth is Trifyllis however, according to the not necessary to. “On the contrary, there are risks when a birth is always the same, regardless of this Virus. And this is prepared in the hospital better than home.“

Pregnant women must be swamped, probably

feel in Addition, many midwives and birth houses were overloaded currently, would with requests. “It can then happen that the Pregnant cancel, get in a few weeks, your child. The mothers-to-be are then on their own and have to decide spontaneously for an Alternative.“

do a lot of Pregnant women unhappy because they would be forced to get your child in one place, for they had not chosen previously aware of.

Pregnant women should think therefore good if you want to get your child out of fear of the Virus at home. Who’ve decided, however, already to have a home birth, you should stick to it. “It is important that the mothers feel comfortable. You bring the child to the world as you wish it to be.“ Masks sew it yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide on FOCUS Online/News5 masks sew yourself: firefighters released a simple Video guide