In a hospital In Mexico City have beaten relatives, a hospital nurse, after you were told that you were allowed to your on-Covid-19 deceased family member. As the news site “Dailymail” reported, should be cremated, the man due to the risk of Infection.

“I felt powerless, frustrated, angry and disappointed,”

The affected nurse Daniel Zamorano photos of his injured face, and further has published the video recordings of employees of the San Pedro Xalpa Zone 48 General hospital. This show, as the angry Relatives on the medical personnel began to walk, which tried first to prevent the fight. One of the under the shock of the family members screamed: “Let me through! Police, Police!”

Zamorano wrote in his post on Facebook: “I felt powerless, frustrated, angry and disappointed.”

At the same time, he pronounces a warning: “My case should be an example of what can cause Stress and anxiety by Covid-19 for a incredible Chaos.” The safety of the Mexican Institute of social security (IMSS) is not sufficient, writes of the hospital nurse on his profile. “Yesterday I was – but I don’t want to wait until it happened to my family, friends, colleagues, or bosses. It is time to act. We still have time!”

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