the name of the famous artist Nikas Safronov again occupies the first lines of the tabloids. This time the reason was the refusal of the Presnensky court to recognize the claim of the citizen of Lithuania Dmitry Cybulski to be called the son Safronova due to the fact that the plaintiff ignored the two meetings. Nikas frankly told us the story of their relationship with the mother of Dmitry and his role in a young person’s life. “I gave him 100 thousand dollars, even without doing a DNA test, although his mother we didn’t have passionate love. Complied with in relation to it your human duty completely. I don’t know how to explain that he did not come to court”, – told us the famous painter.

the Nikas five illegitimate sons, and one born in lawful wedlock.

– Nikas, as Dmitry has arisen in your life?

– Very interesting. He had a client and said he wanted to Commission a picture. Probably afraid that otherwise I may not accept. And that’s when he came to me to name my son. During the conversation I realized that he is in need of financial assistance. that he had debts which he cannot pay.

– How do you react to such situation?

I remembered his mother. Can’t say I was in love with for a long time or talked to her, but she was my good friend. We had a short meeting, which could have a baby. Anyway, I accepted it without doing any DNA tests.

You knew about its existence before, at least theoretically?

– No, before his appearance in my house didn’t know. His mother occupied an independent position, say, if a child is born, I will grow it myself. But it so happened that it failed, and he grew up so to say “a boy from the street.”

– That is, no genetic checks you and the young man didn’t do?

– then, after a few years, one TV program persuaded him to take a DNA test, but I’m not even interested in the result. It seems like there was a large percentage in favor of the fact that I’m really his father. Whether this information is reliable, God knows. At that time, I already without any checks invested 100 thousand dollars.

a considerable Sum of money, as she ordered the young man?

When he came to me in 21-22 years, he only had 7 years of education . Complained that needs. I started to help financially, but with the condition that he will finish school and continue their studies further. He got it done. Went to work in the theater, went to College. I’ve continued to support it. But then he relaxed and sat down on rations. He began to drink. And always took money from me. But I’m not an oligarch, but only the artist! I’m already helping my family: all my brothers, sister, other children, nephews, old school friends….

– He was insolent, defiant?

He took a strange position, “they say that before you were gone, we had to swim, and now you’re already there, and not going anywhere – will help.”

– And you endured and helped?

up To a certain point…. Then I saw that it is becoming a consumer surreal. At that time, I already gave him around 80 000 dollars, I finished off this amount to 100 thousand, and said, “Everything. Live alone!”

he came to be held?

– three Years I have not received any news. Then again he was made manifest through my aides. He said he wants to begin to repay. And indeed, began to send money, a couple of months sent me a thousand euros. His to me was not so important, but I was pleased to realize that he’s come to his senses. We called, he said he had an apartment, a car the same as mine, a girlfriend, a business. And I resumed communication with him.

And after these two months?

In the end, he again asked for help to get the opportunity to work in Russia. He needed an apartment and the paperwork that he is my son.

just then there was a speech about the official recognition of paternity?

Yes, he is going to live and work in Moscow. I gave him a notarized power of attorney to he decided in the court of the questions. But for some reason he did not attend two court hearings .

What did?

I didn’t ask him. Maybe due to the fact that he is now moved to Estonia from Lithuania. Or visa could not be extended. I did not specify. I performed before him with all its obligations. But I do do a lot of charity work. Oversee the Ulyanovsk school, which bears my name, the school in Rostov-on-don, which I finished. Pay a higher stipend to students at Ulyanovsk state University and more. It was not to help my own son? But he is an adult, independent person, I put 100 thousand dollars, gave all necessary permits for the execution of all required papers, he further builds his destiny.

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