The niece of Donald trump Mary in his book argues that neither the trump nor his relatives did not believe in his candidacy — according to her statement, trump was able to convince possibilities of winning only "tacit Russian support".

The book "Too much is not enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world" became a best seller in pre-sales before was officially published Tuesday.

"When Donald announced the nomination for President on June 16 2015, I didn’t take it seriously. It seemed to me that the Donald did not take it seriously. For him it was a free promotion of its brand. He already did that earlier. When his approval rating began to rise, and he could obtain tacit assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia will do everything he can to win the election on his side, the allure of winning has increased," writes Mary trump.

According to her, she discussed the candidacy of trump with his aunt, older sister, Maryanne trump, which in the past was a judge. Marianne told her, "He’s a clown, and this (election to the presidency — ed.) will never happen".

"We discussed how his reputation is entirely the reality star and businessman-the loser will be fatal for his candidacy," writes Mary trump.

She asked Marianne how in General people could believe what trump has achieved his success by himself.

"Well, he went bankrupt five times," was the reply to Maryanne trump, according to which her little brother "no principles".

Spectacular Robert Mueller after the arrival of the trump to the authorities confirmed the accusations against Russia of meddling in elections (Moscow denies this), but failed to substantiate assumptions about "conspiracy" trump with Moscow, which denied not only in the Kremlin but in the White house.