The blood of the people, that is, the corona virus is overcome, patients can help in the fight against the disease? Doctors in New York and would like to know the answer, and will start soon with a pilot. However, it is not without risk.

The blood of people who recovered from Covid-19 shows a lot of the antibodies to the virus and fight against it. They are located in the blood plasma. That plasma has for many years been used in the fight against other infectious diseases such as the flu virus, and the dengue fever virus.

See also the “Operations for some time to hold”, expects a virologist is in order Van Gucht, a Reasoned guess,

Doctors in New York are now testing whether the technique will work with the new corona virus. “You can only find out by trying,” said the doctor, David L. Reich, Mount Sinai Hospital, and the experiment will be rolling out. “It’s a reasoned guess.”

The technique is used in patients lying in a hospital bed, with a moderately severe form of the disease, and not the most ill of patients.

Researchers at the hospital were one of the first in the United States of america, in order to test and develop antibodies that can detect when a cure coronapatiënten. In the Us, the FDA, the federal agency that, inter alia, for the quality of medicines, check to be had on Tuesday the green light to the plasma, experimentally, to use for the sick to be treated.

send An e-mail with the Mount Sinai Hospital, where curable, employees have been asked to make a plasma donation, it received massive response. There were over 2,000 responses within the. The candidates will be thoroughly screened and will be. They will have to comply with very strict standards.


this is the way they have a positive test had come as they were ill, they must in the meantime have been restored, they are all 14 days, the symptoms had come, they now have a negative test, and they have a lot of antibodies in their blood.