New symptom coronavirus found in the legs of patients

MOSCOW, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. Rash on the legs can be one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection. To this conclusion, as reported by newspaper Metro, came Italian and Spanish doctors.

every fifth Italian admitted with COVID-19, there are problems with the skin, most often this symptom occurs in children and adolescents.

the Association of pediatricians of Spain said that the rash of coronavirus similar to that which accompanied the small pox or measles. As a rule, are redness on the toes and subsequently heal, leaving no trace on the body.

Doctors have urged people in all seriousness to take such rash and in case of its occurrence to isolate themselves at home. The experts recommended citizens not to go to health centers only in the presence of this symptom, however, if he is manifested, we should start to monitor closely the condition.

the Epidemic of the coronavirus that caused the disease COVID-19, covered 185 countries. According to who in the world was in excess of 1.85 million cases, more than 117 thousand of them died. In the first place by number of victims USA, followed by Italy, Spain and France.

the Total number of cases of infection with coronavirus for the time of the epidemic in Italy, including the deceased and recovered, reached 165 thousand during the day, the increase amounted to 2.6 thousand.

In Spain revealed 172,5 thousands of cases of the novel coronavirus, had died more than 18 thousand people.

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