especially people with respiratory conditions not applicable to the Coronavirus particularly hard.

in addition to age-related diseases, and congenital disabilities, can proven also already smoke, make sure that the sensitive lung is negatively biased.

Now presented to researchers in the USA, a study from the out to read that air pollution can contribute to human infection with the Virus harder to build up again.

hundreds of lives in just a little better air,

Dr. Francesca Dominici, Professor of biostatistics at Harvard University, compared with his Team, the quality of the air and the Covid-19-death rates in 3080 counties in the United States.

The inferential statistics suggest that especially people, who were for many years in areas with contaminated air and still stop, more difficult, and partially lethal to the Coronavirus ill.

even small differences in air pollution will have a significant impact on the mortality rate of Covid-19-Ill.

the researchers ‘ calculations, that would be about died, 250 people less, if the air in Manhattan would have included in the past 20 years, only a micro gram of fine dust particles per cubic meter.

Older studies, the results

highlight The results of ourstudy are currently still in the medical journal ‘the New England Journal of Medicine’ and waiting for their assessment.

far-fetched the results of the researchers but will not be listed at all.

As of the ‘mirror’ reported, were carried out in China between 2014 to 2017, comprehensive analyses about the connection between lung diseases and particulate matter values.

on the Basis of the data from 4.2 million due to pneumonia-hospitalised people from 184 cities, the scientists were able to make out that the case figures increased when the fine dust rose values.

And not only that.

A study from 2003 to SARS, the precursor of the novel Coronavirus, was able to show that the risk of death of Infected in areas with high pollutant values approximately twice as high as that of patients from less polluted regions.

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mortality rates by preparation

districts of lower degrees with higher Pollution, says Dr. Dominici tells the New York Times, “will be the ones who stays, a higher number of hospital, a higher number of deaths are recorded, and therefore, with a higher concentration of resources will need to be.”

The results of the study could therefore be, for example, air is particularly polluted places like the Central Valley in California or Cuyahoga County in Ohio is of great importance, where you must, according to the study results, and possibly more severe cases of Covid-19 prepared.

Because in addition to the Severity of the pulmonary preloads, above all, a better or worse preparation for the medical supply sites, such as the number of Intensive care beds in relation to population size, have a decisive influence on the mortality rate in a country.


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