Germany is in the Heavy coaching mode. Outside the door, the nasty Virus lurking inside in the living room is the nice TV program comfort. So at least that would be in a better world. In fact, the deadly danger out there’s the danger of deadly boredom inside almost competition. The Live events for the TV from falling: no football, no formula 1 does not refuel the race even more balls-to Beat in Wimbledon. In the current gaps in the TV the shrink public television did not even hesitate to repeat the four-year–old EM match Germany-Italy on a Saturday at Prime time. And 1.83 million people on entertainment withdrawal to be looked at.

fresh food instead of canned food TV

And the private television? SAT.1 successive rushes under the Label of “celebrities under the palm trees” of blasphemy-Virus Desirée Nick and the personalized alcohol-saturated disinfectant Claudia Obert. ProSieben welcomes Trash-refugees with a real culture of welcome and offers instead of canned TV is actually something like fresh food, at least in the Free TV. “Check Check” is the name of the new series. Main Performer: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. Producer: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. Idea Generator: Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. This Trinity of television entertainment is as a Moderator, known to go where’s hurts. Also as an actor? “Check Check” takes place in the fictitious town of Simmering. Which is small, but has, for whatever reason, an airport. The pretty much is like at other airports in this country at this time: none. Can be the backdrop for a Comedy?

A bed wetter-Pointe agreed to the viewer early a

Jan Rothe (Klaas) returns from Berlin in this home town. In front of the parents house two police officers. The a Jan still knows from his time at school. “Strulli,” he says to the classmate, so-called because he once peed in the bed – “logically, you ended up in the police”. This is Pointe the kick-off. The father is demented, throws furniture out of the window and no longer remembers that his wife died 20 years ago. Dementia is funny? Anyway, the joke is number 2. “Boarded up Windows, in the province of shit”, Actually recognize-capitals Jan. “I placed dad in a home. There is a died? Super!“ Point attempt of the third kind. FOCUS Online

ferret-Humor on very short legs

the airport, dementia, old people’s homes – all of which these days is just not a source of pure joy. For the actuality, in the it since 1. April is sent, you can “Check” anything. Questionable whether the series, in other times would have been more entertaining. Because he must care for his father in a way, takes Jan a Job in Security at the airport. There’s the Early flight to Berlin. And the flight from Munich. In between not doing a lot. The ardent sister of a childhood friend who wants him to the Laundry, because she likes big men and little men, and probably everything stands for, what looks to man, there’s a climax in episode two. “The man has openings more body than you think”, is the culmination of the Knowledge gained in episode one. The entertainment level at the airport remains at the height of the “battle ferret Gonzo” to deal with the rabbit plague: very close to the ground, sense of Humor, on very short legs.

“at some point you have to decide”, comes Jan to Ponder: “Team Nice or Team Successful.” Klaas Heufer-Umlauf proves with this Series kick-off: You can also land smack in the middle. The Shitstorm because of Fake allegations, he survived just. And now he’s in trots TV arrived.

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