Admittedly, The daily messages from all over the world give just a little reason to make everyday life with a positive and motivated feeling.

the feeling of being confined in the home office, the constant monotony of the task, the usual leisure activities, the loss comes for many people, social contacts through to financial Worries and the fear.

The Problem here is that experts do not predict that this Situation could be likely to continue for several months, also depending on how quickly a vaccine is found – a real end of the global pandemic is currently not yet foreseeable.

But, faced with a constantly miserable and unfortunate Situation, it can be very stressful and psychological problems such as depression or anxiety disorders may result.

Many people hope currently that the days quickly deal. Pity, because how often do you wish for otherwise breaks from the stresses of everyday life, to do the things you want, or otherwise are?

Therefore, you should keep in mind: As much free time as now you will get in life maybe never again.

So just listen to, the ideas grow and distance from the idea that you could take too much time, because of which many people have probably the most.

How would you like to see in between all the bad news and the frustration over the prescribed idleness a Chance to grow in themselves, to come to rest, and to go perhaps even emerge stronger from the crisis?

it can work:

1. Knitting, crafting, and co. discover

The Netflix series marathon can be fun for a while, but at some point, shouts to the head after distraction.

Whether a serious activity or just occupational therapy, is just perfect no matter. So why not just time to Knit learn, an old piece of furniture restored or Mandalas for adult coloring?

This not only broadened his horizons, but can also wander off wonderfully with the thoughts and come to rest.

2. Mindfulness exercise

right now, it is more important than ever to rest in yourself, to relax, to sleep and to cope with everyday life will help you stay calm. Targeted mindfulness training can help.

These Apps will support come Down and Relax, and easy to use at home:

  • 7Mind: This App is specifically designed to bring mindfulness into everyday life. In the basic course one learns in 7Mind simple meditation techniques to draw with special breathing or concentration exercises, the attention inward, relax reactions, to identify individual needs and to resolve ingrained patterns.
  • Calm Soothing sounds to put the user in a relaxed state. The meditation Sessions that can be filtered according to individual needs and last between two and 20 minutes. The App is available in the iTunes Store.
  • Headspace: with the help of scientific knowledge, the user is guided to the Meditation approach. Anyone who regularly works with the App, it should be concentration and mindfulness schools, as well as with better mood rewarded and his emotions in better control.
  • Ease: The guided Mindfulness and meditation are matched to exercises directly on the user, by answering at the beginning of the use of simple questions to the current mood and the objectives to be achieved to. In little Audio Exercises, you should be able to find the way to a more relaxed and achtsameren life in the Here and Now.

3. New sports and movements drives learning, Who

in everyday life, sports, you will probably notice just now, that he is driven in his training routines are all nice and tight – this is not just for muscle building, but also for the head of a large barrier, because exposure can irritate the body, so no new Training.

And now, where Gym, yoga Studio, climbing hall and co. have closed? You have to rethink! Means: Just the start, what has been neglected over the years in its other sports for the sake of.

How about so time, go Jogging, Yoga start (Tutorials for beginners there are right now many of the Influencers most frequent), Handstand practice, or Cycling?

And who can’t stand to be without his beloved Weights, and Tools from the Studio, is built in the own four walls, just a small Home-Gym weights, Kettlebells and sling trainers.

by the Way: nice-weather-sports enthusiasts come to the home, for example, a space-saving Mini Stepper on your steps.

4. Do things that would otherwise cost too much time

in the stressful everyday life between To-Do’s at work and in the household a lot of time for “unnecessary things” to take? For the most unthinkable and therefore now feasible.

so How about, the 1000-piece Puzzle, which will be stored for three years in the cellar, now, finally, time to rummage out?

The Puzzle is a creative and meditative state, escape the everyday life and reduce Stress, heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure to drop.

Now would be a good time to repaint the bedroom ceiling to mount the ceiling lamp or clean the Garage.

5. A tool

play thanks to Youtube Tutorials, Apps and co. now without a regular visit to a music school, a new Instrument to learn.

Although you can’t necessarily just a piano in the apartment, a more compact Keyboard, but it does also. And a beginner guitar you can get, for example, already for around 100 euros.

The time is flying and playing Music is even better brain performance.

6. New languages

to learn when travelling abroad are currently placed in a very far distance and it is not foreseeable when you may the next vacation far away from the balcony spend, is clear: There will come a time in which you can again in Italy, Spain, France, and co. by the sea – and up to then it makes sense to use this time to familiarize yourself with the appropriate country language.

then it was on to Apps, Online Tutorials and dictionaries to get to the next holiday more than ‘Ciao’, ‘Hola’ and ‘Salut’ on the lips, and to rejoice with the people in the common exchange about the history of the crisis.

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