Gigi Buffon is 42 years old and still at Juventus as a goalkeeper under contract. He was one of the models of Manuel Neuer , the goalkeeper of FC Bayern Munich, at the same time, the captain of his club and the national team. The 34-Year-old is aiming for a similarly high ages as the “eternal Buffon”, when it comes to his avisiertes end of career. Especially since he fractures because of the injury in phases in 2017 and 2018 after his Metatarsal fit enough to feel, to hang up for lost time in the back. And that’s exactly where the dog is buried in the current negotiations between Bayern officials and the New page. How to listen, sticks to the matter “solid”. It’s not about the salary at the big earners of the New, but the term of the new working paper – the former is dated to 2021. Bavaria offers two years until 2023, New wants to extend to 2025 or 2026, he would be 39 or 40 years old. And of Buffon traces.

New could leave Bayern 2021 free transfer

the new pledge, or threat in addition to his skill and his Standing: leave In the summer of next year, he could Bayern Munich, free transfer. Bavaria’s action are: With Alexander Nübel (23), of the 1. July release comes free from FC Schalke, has already committed new successor – the crown Prince signed for five years. The probability that a New renewed and his career at Bayern completed: Currently, exactly 50%, everything is open. It is crucial for New, so to hear, who in the coming season, Bayerns head coach is and how the squad looks. The state of things in the matter of coach Hansi Flick, as well as the contract extensions and new signings:

Hansi Flick (55): After the convincing 3:0 on 25. February in the eighth-final first leg at FC Chelsea, everything seemed clear, with a head coach-a contract for over two years. However, even in the Corona-induced break has done nothing, there would be no talks took place. “There are more important things right now than my future,” says Flick. Postponed is not cancelled. You will some. Flick remains. Probability: 80 Percent. the Thomas Müller (30): In the Bavarian figure of identification is the Association line is clear: be sure to keep! At the first Scanning of the parties, there was a rapprochement. The conversation is an extension of the contract by two years through 2021 is also. When Financial you will agree. “We have already made prior to the Corona-crisis offers, and we don’t want to take advantage of the Corona of a crisis now to push this earned player in the price,” says Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Offensive all-rounder Müller remains – to 95 percent. (Read here: Thomas Müller: “footballers are a commodity”)

Alaba: “I can imagine, and choose the other path”

David Alaba (27) & Thiago (28): Due to the possible displacement of the leagues up in the (Late)summer and the unclear transfer window is the market in complicated, transfer fees fall. Both have up to 2021 contract, so they can gamble. Either in advance in the long term, extend or next summer free transfer switch. The trend: midfielder Thiago toying with a return to his hometown club FC Barcelona. The Spaniard is not in Munich, a controversial one, because it retrieves its definitely existing world-class always. Exchange Probability: 70 Percent.

Alaba could draw Real Madrid or Barcelona. The first offer of the Bavarians is said to have rejected Alaba. In GQ, the Austrians recently said: “I can imagine, in principle, also, on a different path. The will show up at some point.“ Alaba goes to 55 per cent – whether this summer or 2021. (Read here: home David Alaba) Kai Havertz (20): The most coveted young star in the Bundesliga (the market value around 90 million Euro), whose contract with Bayer Leverkusen until 2022, should be one of the king transfers. Currently the whereabouts of the midfielder at Leverkusen up to 2021 appears, according to the displacement now a EM the summer, more realistic. “No one knows today exactly how the Corona-crisis in the coming weeks and months on the football will have an impact,” said Rummenigge of the “Münchner Merkur”, “that’s why we have placed the topic of new additions on Hold.” the Leroy Sané (24): If the Premier League (in may?) re-start the winger after a cruciate ligament tear in August 2019 a Comeback. Good for Bayern: the Corona-crisis should the transfer fee (Sané has to drop the contract until 2021) to around 80 million euros. Tendency: He wanted to come in the Winter, is now, after a long Poker, see Rummenigges statement above, but brought to 70 percent.

This article was written by (Patrick Strasser)

*The contribution of “New, Alaba, Sané, Flick: Where is FC Bayern Munich hooks” published by GQ. Contact with the executives here.