the Parties emphasized that the citizens of the two countries are interested in obtaining accurate and objective information. Today there are a number of issues just due to the fact that they are not talking. But Tajikistan is a country with which Russia has a current agreement on dual citizenship. This allows people to freely cross the border to work and study. A significant part of the population of Tajikistan has Russian passport, speaks fluent Russian, said the Ambassador. He noticed that many happy to give their children to study in Russian schools, and the status of the Russian language is enshrined as the language of interethnic communication.

“But in Russia, information about Tajikistan is extremely small,” said Sattorov. According to him, many are surprised when they tell you how it really things.

General Director of “RG” and the Ambassador agreed that the situation needs to be corrected. This can be done by organizing a discussion on the most pressing issues to bring to the conversation of the journalists of both countries and all those who are most interested in addressing a particular issue, or speaking of the achievements of migrants in Russia. Because they not only work in construction, but also agriculture, livestock, occupy senior positions. And in Tajikistan in recent years there have been many positive changes, which should tell Russian readers.

left aside the theme of coronavirus. As drew the attention of the Ambassador, the closures and the shutdown of many companies has created serious problems for the migrants from Tajikistan. Speed the solution would help the discussion of these issues in the media.