schoolchildren will be able to perform the most difficult tasks of the Unified state exam with the help of special resource “Navigator of the exam” developed by the municipal methodological center (GMC). The service has links to connect to the webinars and detailed information about them. In addition, students will be able to ask questions to experts.

as of 10:00 the guys will consider difficult cases of spelling, particularly the spelling of the roots. At 11:00 will be held a session on computer science, where participants decide the options for assignments # 18 and check the knowledge of the basic concepts and laws of mathematical logic, as well as get acquainted with different ways of solving these problems.

the webinar is in English, which will be held at 10:00, students learn about features of implementation of tasks of the section “the Letter” (#39 and 40). Together with a specialist they will discuss the observance of etiquette and style norms when creating a personal letter and an essay expressing opinion and will analyze the structural and substantive specifics of the texts. And at 11:00 will be a lesson of physics, to discuss common errors when solving problems on the theme “Electricity” in the items. Also guys, get some practice in solving problems of high complexity.

25 Jun 10:00 students are waiting for the webinar on the Russian language. They will talk about the spelling of homonymous parts of speech. At 11:00 they will be able to participate in classes on computer science. Participants will show how to solve problem with recursive algorithm on the example task No. 11. They will also remember the principle of operators ‘ work “modulo” and “divide without remainder” and consider the possibility of using procedures and functions in the code for simplification and automation of global challenges.

June 26 at 10:00 will be a master-class where participants will learn about graphical method of solution of tasks with parameters and important aspects in the design decisions. And at 11:00 they are waiting for the webinar on the chemistry, which will conduct an analysis of write chemical equations and consider their use for description of interaction of inorganic and organic compounds (no. 30-33 the exam in chemistry).

how to write an essay on the history teach on video consultations at 10:00. The guys talk about the structure of historical writing, and common errors. At 11:00 will be a lesson to those taking chemistry. Graduates will be trained to solve a computational problem on the subject, learn about the basic principles of solving the exam tasks.

June 28 at 10:00 will tell about the peculiarities of writing the exam in Chinese language. At 11:00 will be a webinar in Russian language — there will consider difficult cases of punctuation (assignment No. 17).

to Solve math problems with economic substance will be at 10:00. At 11:00 the students will talk about the main difficulties of the exam in English that you can face when performing tasks in the section “Speaking”. The participants will discuss phonetic features, significant differences between Russian and English pronunciation and intonation structure in affirmative and interrogative sentences.

How to correctly perform tasks the first part of the exam on the history, will talk on the webinar at 10:00. At 11:00 you solve the physical problem of high complexity on the topic of “Optics”. The lesson will examine the various lens systems, the construction of the image of the object that are not parallel to the lens.

in Addition, the “Navigator of the exam” you can find a selection of videos and resources “the Moscow e-schools” to consolidate the knowledge on the main topics of the educational program, as well as useful links to official sites, where information about terms and procedure of the exam.

Since mid-March, when the Moscow school moved to distance learning because of the pandemic of coronavirus, the students wrote more than 50 thousand test exam. The exam will begin on 3 July. It will take only those who are going to enter universities this year. During the examinations will be carried out measures of sanitary security: all members are required to use personal protective equipment and to comply with social distance.