LJ and Nastya Ivleva

the family of 29-year-old Nastya Ulevoi one holiday follows another: hardly had friends and numerous followers videoblogger to congratulate her and 26-year-old rapper LJ with the first wedding anniversary (a year ago July 4, the pair signed), it’s time to congratulate hip-hop artist happy birthday. And the first greeting, including in the social network, he had received from his wife.
happy birthday to you, my love! We are above all earthly concerns, feelings, convictions, rules and “how it should be”! We are a separate planet! A planet called — trust, ease, confidence, support, mystery, friendship, passion, family and faith in each other. We do not understand, we can not keep up! Love forever! Remember that you’re the most talented guy in my memory, you can do more… much more and you will once again****nil! Your bombita (the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.),— posted by Ivlieva in instagram, posting a shot with the recent celebration of the first anniversary of marriage.

LJ and Nastya Ivleva

previously Published in the social network footage from that party made a lot of noise: Ivlievu accused of inappropriate behavior and ostentatious for she decided to shoot a machine gun at the party and show the video of the shooting online.

The drunk in a wheelbarrow travels from the gun firing. Then what? In the “United Russia” will enter?so My friend was shot in the chest at the wedding, I barely survived.It’s cool? Move to another planet, please. Clowns— there were comments to the video on the social network.

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Ivlieva commented on the negative feedback, advising fans not to listen to others.

I noticed an interesting pattern: when you help people, funds, low-income, create a philanthropic project, doing the maximum in order to be useful — nobody cares. But when you shoot kolomenskogo “Kalash” in the air at his wedding, all ass is on fire and everyone says you’re conceited. You people are nuts! Guys, we’re all born into this world as free men and free to do what we think is right. The main thing that you were good people, didn’t kill anyone, didn’t encourage, didn’t beat, how the car drive, what jewelry to wear and how to position — already nobody’s business. It is your own business and your life. Important to heart it was. I love them all! said Ivliev.


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