NASA disappointed at the reaction in Russia to reports of the U.S. international draft Treaty on exploration of the moon, but I hope that Moscow will support the document when you will understand its essence, said Friday the acting Deputy administrator of NASA on foreign relations Mike gold.

"We hope that Russia will support, and we want to interact with colleagues in Russia to discuss that," said gold during the videoconference devoted to the publication of NASA your vision of the basic principles of international cooperation in the lunar program Artemis.

Reuters may 5, citing sources wrote that the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is preparing a draft of a new international Treaty called about mining on the moon. It was reported that it is planning to bring in Canada, Japan, the European Union and the UAE, and Russia at first, among the participants of the agreement. The message provoked sharp criticism of Moscow: the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, compared the U.S. plans with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As stated in connection with this gold, NASA was "disappointed reaction in Russia, especially given the fact that the essence of the document was unknown at the time".

"I hope that when our colleagues in Russia will see that we are trying to achieve with the help of Artemis Accords and how we do it, they will support us and join us in creating norms of conduct that will achieve the peaceful and prosperous future for Russia, USA and all over the world" – he said, stressing that the proposed principles are based on the principles of the outer space Treaty of 1967.

According to published on Friday abstracts of NASA in the implementation of Artemis Washington hopes to conclude bilateral agreements based on a number of principles, the purpose of which is to create a "safe and transparent environment that will promote research, science and commercial activities for the benefit of mankind".

Chief among them the United States called "the requirement that any activity (in space) was carried out for peaceful purposes". Cooperation between countries should be based on transparency, and to guarantee compatibility used by them for implementation of the program systems. The future participants of agreements on the idea of NASA should commit to help each other in case of an emergency, follow the requirements of the Convention on registration of launched space objects, share received in the course of research information and to cooperate in the reduction of space debris.

The document also stipulates that the production and use of resources in space must be conducted in compliance with the space Treaty, and commits international partners to disclose information on the location and its activities to create so��an "security Zones" and conflict avoidance.

Earlier, the administration of U.S. President Donald trump announced the resumption of the lunar program, called Artemis. In the framework of return and a permanent human presence on the moon that would be a step towards manned missions to Mars. In the framework of the new lunar program, NASA is developing the idea of establishing a lunar Gateway station with which in the future will be human flight to the lunar surface and back. In the United States has repeatedly stressed that NASA is implementing a program based on interaction with commercial partners, as well as counting on international cooperation.