In the United States, it is believed that from an engineering point of view, NASA will be able to support the operation of the International Space Station (ISS) until 2028 and even longer, said NASA spokeswoman Stephanie Schirholz.

This is reported by TASS.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the American space Agency continues to update data on the possible service life of the ISS.

“Our goal is a continuous presence in low-Earth orbit, so that we can move from the station to another platform or platforms where we can continue working in low-Earth orbit,” the NASA representative concluded.

At a meeting of the presidium of the Scientific and Technical Council on July 31, experts recommended that, in connection with the planned completion of the ISS operation by 2028, a decision should be made to start technical study of the design appearance of the new Russian orbital service station ROSS (as part of the ISS or as an independent national station).