Named the richest official in St Petersburg

Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg on investment, transport and tourism Maxim Sokolov, the former transport Minister who worked in the management of the construction "LSR", was the richest member of the St. Petersburg government. This follows from published on Friday on the official website of the Smolny data on incomes of officials.

According to the table, Maxim Sokolov earned in the year 2019 almost 248 million rubles. This amount was formed from the income received not only in the post of Vice-Governor, which he took in December 2019. June 2018, Sokolov was part of the Board of Directors of the construction company "LSR" in August was appointed General Director of the developer, and in June of 2019, he left the post.

Second income Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg was Evgeny Elin, responsible for economic development and strategic planning. He earned in 2019 38.6 million roubles. Elin joined the government of St. Petersburg in January 2019. Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov, who is responsible for cultural policy and preparation of major sports events, gained in 2019 5.8 million rubles. As valuable property, he pointed out in his Declaration a retro car GAZ-M21 (produced at the Gorky automobile plant until 1970-ies).

The Vice-Governor, responsible for energy, Maxim Russian, earned 51.9 million rubles. It owns three land plots, two houses, apartment and a car and a motorcycle. Before appointment to the post of Vice-Governor in January 2019 Russian occupied the post of General Director of "the St. Petersburg energy sales company" with 2013.

Income building the Vice-Governor Nicholas Linchenko amounted to 3.9 million rubles, Vice Governor for science Vladimir Knyaginin – 9 million rubles, Vice Governor Nikolay Bondarenko responsible for utilities and landscaping, to 4.8 million rubles, Vice Governor of the Arctic Edward Batanova – 4.5 million rubles, Vice Governor Valery safety of Pikalyovo, which the government of the Leningrad region – 2.7 million rubles, Vice Governor Irina Potekhina, which came to city government in November 2019, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation and is responsible for youth policy and relations with the media – 4.2 million rubles.

The head of the Committee for external relations of St. Petersburg Evgeny Grigoriev in 2019 earned 3.5 million rubles, a representative of St. Petersburg Governor in Legislative Assembly Yury Shesterikov – 3.3 million rubles. Member of the St. Petersburg government, head of the Committee for interethnic relations Oleg Kapitanov, who prior to his work in the Smolny in June 2019 was the head of the LDPR faction in the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, earned last year, to 13.9 million rubles. Among the values that he had, he pointed out the truck GAS SAZ 2505-10 and two trailers.