On dog nicknames as baby names, there are also fashion. As shown by a recent study, familiar to the older generation Bobby, Rex and the Mukhtars have not popular. Top 15 most popular nicknames – at least, in Moscow – almost entirely borrowed from other languages, but the first place is Bonia.

To this conclusion came experts of one of the largest companies involved in canine nutrition, analyzed data from two thousand of its customers. It turned out that most of them called Pets Bonami, regardless of gender. Other fashionable nicknames were as follows (in descending order): Archie, Busia, Rooney, Richie, Jack, Sam, Jesse, his younger sister, ruby, Gem, Stitch, Boss, Phil, Michelle.

However, as experts note, this does not mean that the capital’s residents prefer the expensive elite dogs. Not at all, statistics show that in recent years the townspeople have lost interest in the acquisition tailed friends and are more likely to choose mongrels from shelters or even the streets, writes the magazine “Muscovite”.