Climate scientists said that most of the lakes in Alaska in the last 20 years has built rodents.

To change the global climate processes were involved in beavers. To such conclusion the climate scientists of the German Alfred Wegener Institute.

The findings, published in the scientific journal Environmental Research Letters, they pointed out the melting of the permafrost with the increased number of beavers in Alaska.

After analyzing the last 20 years of satellite imagery of the Western part of the Peninsula, the scientists noted that the area of water bodies in the area increased by about 8.3 percent.

It turned out that half of the lakes built by beavers. These animals, as the researchers note, find the depression dried up even before the ice age reservoirs and build dams in them, whereby they are filled with water again.

Climatologists stressed that the beavers began to spread on the Arctic due to the fact that they currently are not often hunted.

Scientists believe that rodents are guilty of changing climatic processes, not only in Alaska but also in Canada and Eurasian regions with deposits of permafrost. According to climatologists, an event may cause a chain reaction and accelerate global warming.