The Department of homeland security and the FBI warned, as Russia allegedly will try to interfere in the American elections of 2020. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the official document of the agencies.

According to security officials, Moscow may secretly advise or to Fund a particular candidate or his election headquarters. To help Russia can conduct a hacker attack, “leak” sensitive information to use fake accounts in social networks to influence the opinion of voters. They also made use of Moscow’s economic and business levers as well as the media to influence political objectives in the United States.

In addition, intelligence pointed to Russia’s ability to influence the electoral infrastructure, including the vote counting system and the database of voters.

The last few years, regularly discussed topic in American media was the influence of Russia and Vladimir Putin politics in the United States. Initially, from the end of 2016, it concerned the intervention of Moscow in a presidential election. Currently, journalists in particular continue to discuss possible cooperation of US President Donald trump and the Republican party with Moscow. Russia denies these accusations.

That Moscow could intervene in the current electoral process in the United States, in February, the newspaper The Washington Post. According to her, Russia was trying to help Bernie Sanders, one of the presidential candidates from the Democratic party.

In April 2019, was published the full report of spectracolor Robert Mueller about Russian intervention in the US presidential elections in 2016. The findings suggest that Moscow was really influenced them — in particular, the Russian GRU (GU) gave to WikiLeaks materials of the US Democratic party. The subject of the investigation were also a possible link trump and the Russian government. The authors of the report concluded that collusion between trump and Russia was not.

The United States presidential election is scheduled for November 3. Presumably, the Republican party will be elected, the incumbent President Donald trump, the Democrats will support Joe Biden.