Russia has chosen the wrong policies to retain its influence in Ukraine, while spending a huge amount of money, stated in an interview with “” journalist Vladimir Skachko. The U.S., he said, spending a much smaller amount of funds, managed to bring to power in the country, its people.

In the case of Russia we are talking about the financing of the Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs, who were supposed to keep the state in the sphere of influence of Russia. However, the rate has not played, says jump.

The Americans, in his opinion, went the other way: they financed a whole generation of “grant” and “sorozat”, creating a “simulacrum of civil society.”

“They raised the people who elected, formed and brought to power the right politicians”, – the journalist emphasized.

Sachko said that if Poroshenko “grant” and “Sarasate” he held the posts of Deputy Ministers, when Zelensky has you sat down in the chair members of the government.

Earlier, as reported by Rambler, the Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Ukraine until 2014, was taken in the Crimea the money to maintain other parts of the country. According to the head of the state, that officials forced the difficult economic situation.