Named alternate successor Kim Jong UN

An expert on the DPRK have listed possible successors to Kim Jong-UN, which is the third day “buried” by the world media and social networks.

Alternate head of the DPRK can be considered the younger brother of Kim Jong-Il – Kim Pyong-Il. So says a leading researcher at the Center for Korean studies, RAS Konstantin Asmolov, reports “Kommersant”.

Kim Pyong-Il is engaged in diplomatic work, was the North Korean Ambassador to the Czech Republic and Poland. He recently returned to Pyongyang.

There were reports of panic in the DPRK

In addition, the power can go to older brother, Kim Jong-UN – 38-year-old Kim Jong-Chol. He was the likely heir to Kim Jong-Il, but lost ground to the younger brother. It is rumored that Kim Jong-Chul refused a political career and became a musician.

The power can go to the sister of the disappeared leader – Kim-Jeong. Last year, the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party decided that in case of emergency, she will stand at the head of North Korea. Now Kim Yu-Jeong is a confidant of North Korean leader and is considered the second man in power.

On Friday and Saturday in the international media and social networks there are reports of death or serious condition of the North Korean leader. A Japanese newspaper reported that he is in a vegetative state after a failed heart surgery – it is told in detail “Rambler”.

In all cases, the authors of sensational publications referring to some “reputable” and “well-informed” sources”.

Thus on Sunday morning, state radio, the DPRK said that Kim Jong-UN busy “activity”.

“Everything that we have from facts, is the absence of Kim Jong-UN at a gala event on the occasion of the Day of the Sun. Until we see the motorcade with the coffin, nothing definitely can not speak, and to believe the anonymous sources of dubious reputation should not” – said Asmolov.