In the end of Urur pulled my sleeve and said, “Dad, let’s go to the store and buy the sequel “Vasya Kurolesov”. I told him then that continued, unfortunately, not written. “Well, – reluctantly agreed to it, then wait for Smith to write it? And soon he’ll write it?”

to Answer this question was the hardest, but I answered as is: “unfortunately, – said I, – Yury Koval will not write the continuation because it is no longer in this world, he died.”

Urur sad, but, on reflection, offered to make this: “But come on – he said, – you will write a sequel”. “Let’s try – I agreed – although we’re not even as talented as Smith”.

We “tried” so. I was up early in the morning and wrote the beginning of this Chapter. In the evening, after returning from work I finished the Chapter and gave to read what happened, Ururu. He read it, we discussed written, and along what should be in our next book. The next morning I was up early… Well, that’s our life began.

And when it is a voluntary torture was over, we realized that we had a book-thanks to the wonderful writer Yuri Koval and his talent. Called our “romance” “Mystery of the old cottages”. There, in the cellar of our cabin one night, climbed the bandits, who were looking for a real cache of diamonds laid down in the Civil war, a bankrupt goldsmith, who worked as a photographer in the city of Karmanovo. Of course, to help us with Yuri to find this treasure and arrest the bandits took from the captain Boldyrev Vasily Maximov. Our novel was full of horror, night of adventure, of mysterious kidnappings. There was even one murder. And acted together with the captain Boldyrev and Basil Kurolesov our friends, real people, only with altered names.

the Book came out, and we distributed it to those same friends. It is a pity that not managed to give to Yury Iosifovich Koval. I suppose it would have amused him.

Well, what happened next? And then we with Yury Yurevich again sat on our old sofa and began to read about captain Boldyrev and Vasya Kurolesov, the owner of Yuri Koval. Since, as shown, better farrier about Kurolesov and Boldyrev can’t write nobody, not even us.