Mycologist Michael Wisniewski assessed the situation with mushrooms in 2020.

“Every year, kind of unusual, and in terms of singularity 2020 is no different from the previous one. In principle — Yes, for mushrooms to go. On a scale of five this year can be evaluated on a solid four”, — he said in an interview with

According to him, the fruiting affected the climate — winter almost never came, and spring was pretty cool and long.

“And in the spring and summer there was a constant mess with the temperature changes, when the heat gave way to rain, and it only stimulated the mycelium fruiting” — said the expert.

As noted by Wisniewski, wave of the summer of mushrooms began in mid-may and is not going to stop.

“And in July due to the cool weather began to grow autumn mushrooms. Collect pautinki, autumn mushrooms, some blewits and Govorushko,” — said the expert.

Previously a Junior researcher of the laboratory of systematics and geography of fungi, Botanical Institute named V. L. Komarov RAS Mila Kalinina in an interview with Nation News gave recommendations on the collection of fungi in the Leningrad region.