the most beautiful day in the life of couples go cheer long, put a lot of time and energy in the planning. But what if the wedding has to be cancelled due to the Corona-crisis? It is not an easy task – after all, emotional and organizational factors meet here. We have not spoken with a concerned bride with your words, just courage, but also Tipps and tricks how you can with this Situation (left) handle.

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Dilemma: wedding not published because of the Corona pandemic canceled

Due to the Coronavirus Mr special rules and restrictions are only in this country continue to Group celebrations are not allowed – and so many weddings fall naturally into the water. A fact that is associated with Stress and great disappointment. For all who are in a similar Situation and not know, there is now encouragement and advice from a concerned bride-to-be, despite this fact, the head has.

Maria from Berlin and her fiance should be in July 2020 in one of the Brandenburg castle, in front of more than 60 guests on the knot. Since then, the planning in September of 2019 began, have already caused a few things and part with the Deposit posted, including the Location, the DJ and photographer, the Catering, as well as the Registrar, the trust, the Couple on the spot. The this may now, however, only in the registry office itself – and without guests. The wedding dress is already paid for and on the way to the new owner who takes it with a sense of Humor and says: “That is to say, I may not be until next summer to get pregnant.”

wedding canceled: Fast the A and O

This set is act indicates that Maria responds quickly, and the thing has taken. Because, as in the second week of March in 2020, it became clear that schools and kindergartens closed until Further notice, a ban on Contact was recommended, and the Figures of the Corona-Infected in Germany have risen exponentially in the height, it became clear to her, as well as many other brides: My wedding is in summer I can forget. Maria bite the bullet, said their big day this year and was at a wedding in the year 2021.

Also if any bride, it is perfectly clear that the decision to call off the wedding due to the Corona-pandemic, is the only correct one, you have to swallow the lump, of course, also only once. “I was pretty sad about it, but with quite a lot of uncertainty, you can’t make the planning easy so more than anything just not the way it is would be,” explains Maria. “Call this off in the very short term would certainly be worse and more expensive. With four months of lead-I can handle it and can adjust mentally to it.”

“I can’t change it. That sounds banal, but it is also a comfort,”

As the saying goes? Fall down, stand up, crown up, and go on. According to this Motto, has acted also in the Berlin wedding. And Maria is more than relaxed: “I can’t change it. That sounds banal. But that is also a comfort.” Other couples who are also affected, advises you to listen to: “The gut feeling, when money plays no role, or make friends with it, that the planned can not take place the way you want it. Because it’s either at the date remains, but under the conditions, it must happen, or because the request date is the next year a different one.”

But now to the facts! In the case of a cancellation of the wedding the bride is wearing a couple of in addition to the feeling of chaos is also loads in terms of the Organizational and Financial with. At this point, it is important to keep calm and all the contributors to contact you as soon as possible. In Mary’s case, a total of more than 4,000 euros have been paid for various services. What you get back: unclear. The Location is not confirmed, although not binding on the new appointment, expressed but, so far, to pay the Deposit. “The others are up to now, to be understanding and wait with us,” says the bride.

planning: contracts, check-in and goodwill

What to do if happen to you? “This is likely to be very individual,” says Maria. It is recommended, however, “all contracts carefully and to rely on goodwill on the other side. It is just all – pairs and the service providers. Since we are looking for expected to such as according to one alternative date in the summer of 2021, at the you want to the same people. Just not to the originally intended date.”

Sometimes you have to take things as they come. And in this case, the extended lead-time is also a Chance: “One more time for love Playlists create to run to a champagne reception and hangover brunch,” says Maria: “And clear: save money. We also need to currently come up with a salary to make ends meet and don’t know when that might change. Therefore calms it a little, that this summer, spending any ‘Mammoth’ on us.” And so Mary may and other affected couples but hope for a Happy ending. Because in this case, the following applies: Repealed, not postponed.

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