because Of the COVID-19 the organizers of the “New wave-2020” has been postponed to a later time the semifinals in Moscow, also extended the application deadline until the end of April. But to finally win the coronavirus in Russia and the world (and in Kazan expected guests and contestants from many countries) have not yet succeeded. Therefore, the “New wave 2020”, alas, did not take place.

information on why the “New wave” decided to cancel, in social networks, explained the Chairman of the jury composer and producer, people’s artist of Russia Igor Krutoy:

– Dear friends! We are very hopeful that at the end of August we will hold the international competition of young singers of popular music “New wave-2020” in Kazan. But, unfortunately, the world pandemic of coronavirus and all the limitations that persist in many countries, changed our plans…

For the past two months, we have postponed a final decision on the possibility of holding the contest, hoping that the situation stabiliziruemost and cultural activities will be held in their usual formats, with full halls of spectators and an extraordinary atmosphere, so beloved and appreciated by fans of “New wave”.

We responsibly care for the health and the lives of dozens of artists, hundreds of people creative teams and technical services thousands of people in the audience who were going to attend our concerts at New Wave Hall for eight days. Due to the closure of the world borders we will not be able to invite foreign stars and talented contestants from other countries, whose participation for 18 years gives the “New wave” recognized by all the international status of the competition.

Therefore, the organizer of the “New wave” company “ARS”, it was decided to abandon this year from the music festival and all concerts and events within the competition. Friends, thank you for the love of music, for loyalty to the “New wave”, for the sincere and kind wishes. We will meet with you next year!