Journalist, TV presenter and music critic Sergey Neighbors said that the group “Tatu” will never be as successful as in the early 2000s. He is sure that the best times of the duet of Yulia Volkova and Elena Katina have been left behind, Channel Five reports.

Neighbors appreciated the reunion of the group, suggesting that it will perform with a different repertoire or with the same hits, if it is possible to agree on this. “It’s all about money and an agreement on the terms, because if they sing the main songs, they will have to deduct something to the producer if he doesn’t want to engage with them again,” he explained.

The critic suggested that the return of the “tattoo” may be caused only by the desire to feel the former glory. Posting on Instagram is not an official document, so there is no question of returning yet. The specialist suggested that the duo’s concerts could bring a good profit, but the singers will not achieve the same success: their time is gone.

“Maybe there will be some success on the wave of old memories, but the new repertoire … what should it be to catch the audience? Don’t know. Yulia Volkova is in vocally not too good shape, to put it mildly. So I don’t believe in the success of this duet at the reunion,” concluded Neighbors.

On October 3, the former soloist of the group “Tatu” Elena Katina announced the reunion of the group as part of an official tribute. Not only she will participate in it, but also another ex-member of the group Yulia Volkova. The tribute is expected in the spring of 2022.