Moscow residents were warned of the danger of ball lightning during a thunderstorm and called for caution. The Chairman of the Board of ball lightning Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Vladimir Bychkov in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” told how to protect themselves from such natural phenomena.

According to him, during a thunderstorm it is better to be in the room. and if you’re on the street — less move.

“it is Better to stand still. Ball lightning feels the movement of air around. If you stand in place, then she will fly past you without touching. But since you are a dielectric object, then you draw lightning. So you need to make it so that on the one hand not very much to attract, and on the other hand, carry a ball of lightning to itself,” — said Bychkov.

The academician has reminded that the Russian was an ancient custom before the storm to close all the Windows and plugging gaps in the home to ball lightning they did not get. He advised to do the same.

Bychkov noted that in Moscow annually record 1-2 fireballs. This year the phenomenon has already been observed in St. Petersburg — a fireball appeared in front of the girl flew past her and went into the house.

The expert said that in diameter they can be small: from 10 centimeters to meters, and can reach 100 meters. The latter most likely in the mountains or the ocean.

Earlier on Friday, June 18, in Moscow there was a heavy rain. Some flooded roads and yards. Bystanders took video of the resulting flood on the street aviamotor. The water level there rose to the middle of the vehicle.