The Department of transport of Moscow has expanded the list of requirements for the carriage of passengers in the capital. From now on, all drivers are required to disinfect the vehicle after each assignment. They should be washing cars on special items equipped post disinfection.

How new requirements will affect taxi drivers and the cost of travel, find out the “Evening Moscow”.

According to the Chairman of the Interregional transport Union Roman Kruglov, the custody of the Department of transport applies primarily to services that cater to the business class.

— We are talking about companies to order premium cars with drivers. All the other carriers and until the relevant requirements, comply with sanitary measures, — said the interlocutor of “Evening Moscow”.

As for the cost of the procedure, it is, according to Kruglov, and the truth comes carriers a lot of money:

— Increased expenses for the purchase antiseptic agents, masks, gloves that must be available to all drivers. And the cost of all these protective elements on the background of the pandemic, as we all know, has grown significantly, he said.

The main difficulty of decontamination of the vehicle after each client, according to Kruglov, is the formation of queues at the stations where the respective treatments are produced.

— first of all it is not a free process, and secondly, to carry it after each client is absolutely unprofitable, and useless, because the driver most of his shifts will be more to stand in queues than customers to serve, — said the Chairman of the Union.

As explained Kruglov, according to the requirements of the leaders of all the capital carriers, every taxi driver or delivery services passengers from the beginning of the pandemic self-disinfecting all contact surfaces, which can be potentially dangerous for him or a client

And now they continue to comply with all of these health measures. Is the disinfection of door handles, window regulator, seat surfaces in the interior, all areas that could touch the passenger.

Kruglov noted that the disinfection process after each call emboss taxi drivers from the graph, their change is stretched to two or three hours, forcing employers to pay them.

And, if the cost of the carriers increases for the purchase of personal protective equipment, antiseptics with antiviral properties, the global disinfection of the vehicle, the cost of services for passengers, too, begins to grow. It is expected that the price of the call begins to rise, warned the Chairman of the transport Union.

The social securityednik “Evening Moscow” said that despite the approved regulation on the disinfection of cars and the relevant requirements of the heads of the companies-carriers, the performance of these prescriptions remains on the conscience of the taxi driver, after check out arrived to you the driver “with serialnum car or coronavirus infection – it is impossible”.