In the near future, short-term rain is expected in the capital, sometimes with thunderstorms, as well as squally wind with gusts of up to 15 meters per second. This weather will continue throughout the day on July 30.

Muscovites are advised to be careful on the street. During a strong wind, you should not hide under trees and park cars near them. They also advise to beware of weakly reinforced structures.

You can report flooding to the round-the-clock central dispatch service of the State Unitary Enterprise “Mosvodostok” by phone: +7 (495) 657-87-03. If the area around the house is flooded, you can send an application to the district council (contacts are available on the council’s website), to the prefecture of the district (contact information is available on the prefecture’s website) or through a single dispatch center by phone: +7 (495) 539-53-53.

Safety rules: how to behave during a strong wind