Metropolitan dealerships want to resume work. The dealers appealed to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, reports RBC. They indicate that it is ready to provide maximum security for both employees and customers, and to provide all means of individual protection — masks and gloves. All dealerships are not working since the end of March, by decree of the mayor.CEO of Vector Market Research Dmitry Chumakov considers that the machines will leave many buyers. However, if it helps to recover the market, hard to say. “Despite the fact that the overall situation is not very positive, an effect of deferred demand for the period until the dealers were not working, formed. And there were certain people who called the centres, like to come to see cars, to test one but couldn’t due to the imposed restrictions. I think if the dealers will be able to work safely, then surely they will be able to improve sales figures, because, of course, to sell online the machine is very difficult. The consequences of the fashion industry we will see quite a long period of time. The alignment will start from the moment when overall the economy will begin a positive trend.I hope that this trend will appear in the foreseeable short term, but accurate predictions yet,”— said Chumakov.The Russian car market due to the restrictive measures was in a catastrophic situation. New cars in April was the largest ever drop in sales by 72%, were counted in the Association of European businesses. The maintenance demand has not helped and active development of online sales. Dealers admitted that the Russians are not yet accustomed to this format. However, due to the fall of the ruble at the same time, manufacturers began to raise prices on cars, which further scared off potential buyers.Whether to wait now reduce the cost? The General Director of analytical Agency “Avtostat” Sergey Tselikov predicts that higher prices still will be, but it is still insignificant: “best and cheap offers are gone. Prices rose, but not critical. However, if someone now wants to buy a car at zocoronline prices, then perhaps something else can be found. Although, of course, there are not all models and modifications. All you need to sell, so I think that with these marketing instruments will be played, the more the ruble has stabilized and even started a little stronger. Therefore, the catastrophic changes of the prices now did not happen, as it was at the end of 2014. If it’s time to change the car, and under it you have the means, now is very best time. By far the prices will rise once the demand is more or less the beginningno to recover. This happens because of the fact that the ruble became less solid, losing 20-25% to the dollar.” To read next difficult situation, there were dealers all over the world. Moody’s has lowered its forecast for car sales this year. First, the Agency was looking for a drop of only 14%, now at 20%. Gleb Silko