During a pandemic, no sex scenes and fights – the order of the government of Thailand has issued advice to local filmmakers. In other words, nothing during the filming must not violate the social distance. Working spaces should be regularly ventilated and can be no more than 50 people – all, of course, masks. Upon arrival at the work crew members must be checked for the presence of symptoms COVID-19, and then to keep a distance of 1-2 meters from each other.

In Belgium the number of people at the site, according to the recommendations of the company should not exceed 15 people. All of them should be from each other at a distance of five feet, and if not, you need to wear a mask. Preparation and installation of processing and the final result is recommended to be conducted remotely using online technologies. If this is not possible, then the game re-enters the distance that needs to comply with involved in the process the employees.

In Spain, the organizers of the filming, I advise you not to print the scenarios and plans of works on paper, and in Portugal, responsible for the disinfection of premises will allocate the necessary rags and wipes in color depending on the items that they are going to wipe. Your approach from the Portuguese and the makeup to put it the actors themselves, and if this is not possible, makeup artists are required to wear a mask and gloves.

in England, under the new rules, lunch breaks on the set will take place in “chess” order, and the actors will be obliged to bring their own cups and plates. Besides, if earlier to set their dovozil a special machine, now they will move on their own. The mask on the ground optional, only if some scenes are not removed in areas of high risk, for example in hospitals. By the way, in the context of the pandemic on udalenku in many countries want to translate and listen to the actors.