The incident shocked many people in Romania. The mothers were not infected, the newborn already. The Ministry launched an investigation.

The newborn is reported to be good, you have no symptoms of lung disease Covid-19. Nine of them were able to leave the hospital with their mothers and are now at home in quarantine. They should all be in the coming days, once on the Coronavirus tested.

clinic staff have reported that no masks are worn

A mother, the staff have worn in the clinic, no masks. The families would not have to learn in addition to the official way of the Coronavirus cases. “On Thursday, the hospital was disinfected, with us in it,” she said of the online service, press and added: “I feel like in a horror movie.”

In Romania, were so far confirmed more than 4000 Coronavirus infections officially, about 700 Doctors and nursing staff. There were 176 deaths.

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