a British tourist died while on vacation in California after I drank emergency contraception. Reported by the Daily Mail.

42-year-old mother, Zoe Williams (Zoe Williams) traveled to San Francisco with her husband Jason (Jason) and 11-year-old son Britain (Britain). According to her relatives, when they left the hotel, the woman collapsed on the floor, and then referred to the fatigue and went to sleep in the room.

family Members have suggested that it is associated with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disease that attacks the cells of the nervous system and appeared at the Brits 20 years ago. A few days later, Williams became worse and she died in her sleep at the hands of her husband, but an autopsy has not confirmed his suspicion about the syndrome.

Her husband was confused, but a few months later, American doctors were able to establish the cause of death of tourists. Was that before the flight to San Francisco, which lasted 11 hours, Williams took birth control pill and this resulted in complications.

“We learned that because of long flight and contraceptives in her lung has a clot of blood. We became a lot easier when the truth was revealed, but we still don’t understand why nobody noticed deep vein thrombosis when she conducted the survey after the flight,” said Jason.

In October 2019 tourists Natalie Seymour (Natalie Seymour) from the UK and Abbie Gail Amisola (Abbey Gail Amisola) from Canada took the tablets from indigestion and died. Before the death of the girl complained of severe vomiting and abdominal pain. The autopsy showed that one of them is due to a drug damaged liver.