Most Russians refused handshakes and hugs because of the coronavirus

Moscow. April 10. INTERFAX.RU — in addition, citizens have ceased to meet friends and reduced the number of trips to the shops.

the Vast majority of Russians (69%) in the face of a pandemic coronavirus practically ceased to shake each others hands and hugging, according to the poll made Friday to “Interfax”.

According to sociologists, 49% of all stopped doing it, the remaining 20% rarely do. This group in the country increased by 24 percentage points (PP) since March 26, when a similar poll was carried out, according to the polls.

In Moscow, avoid tactile contact 77% of the population, 58% strongly stopped doing it. Compared to March 26, this value increased by 22 p. p.

in addition, the vast majority of respondents (84%) refused personal meetings with friends and acquaintances, from 26 March this proportion had increased to 27 PPT In Moscow isolated from friends 90% of the population, +24 p. p. from March 26.

Meetings with elderly relatives and friends limited 69% of Russians, which is 28 percentage points higher than on March 26. In Moscow the share of such contacts limit reached 75%, + 22 percentage points from the end of March.

the Russians also reduced the number of exits from home for important reasons — for example, for the trip to the store or to the pharmacy. Now 76% do it much less or not do at all, this proportion increased by 38 percentage points in comparison with the end of March. Do not go shopping 82% of Muscovites, which is 33 percentage points higher than on March 26.

the Initiative the survey was conducted on 2 April among 1,600 Russians aged 18 years.