Students of Moscow schools won 16 medals at the European Geographical Olympiad. The competition was held online from June 24 to June 30.

Ivan Mikhailov from school No. 1502 “Energy” and Jan Nekrasevich from school “Letovo” were awarded gold.

Silver medals were awarded to graduates Timofey Morozov from school No. 171, Arseniy Chugin from school “Intellectual”, Antonina Kulapova from the Lyceum of the Higher School of Economics, Alexander Taimanov from school No. 1236 named after S.V. Milashenkov, Pavel Zhukov from the school of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence, Ilia Kon from the International School of Tomorrow, Angelina Popova from the Moscow Cadet Corps “Boarding school of pupils of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation” and Egor Grachev from school No. 1502 “Energy”.

The bronze medal was awarded to Danila Gavrilov from the Hero of the Soviet Union P.I. Romanov School No. 2129, Artur Rebiyar, a student of school No. 171, Tikhon Pulyaev from the Moscow Gymnasium in the Southwest No. 1543, Zacheria Sakhtariek from the Intellectual school, Maxim Ivanov and Vladislav Zaitsev from the school of the Center for Pedagogical Excellence.

Russia was represented by 21 participants in two age categories — from 16 to 19 years and from 12 to 15 years. All the guys won awards: four gold, nine silver and eight bronze medals.

The Olympiad was organized by Serbia. The students passed three tests: written and multimedia tests and a field tour. All tasks were in English. In addition to the official competitions, the children took part in a competition of scientific posters on the topic “Innovative way of using compost” and a cultural presentation.

In the capital, special attention is paid to preparing for intellectual competitions, including geography. The Center of Pedagogical Excellence prepares schoolchildren for the stages of the All-Russian Olympiad, and training camps are arranged for candidates for the Moscow team. Students who managed to show the best results at such competitions become candidates for the national team.

The European Geography Olympiad is designed to develop the active interest of young people in geographical research, emphasize the importance of geography as a science, and contribute to the improvement of work in the field of geography through the exchange of experience between countries.