Moscow online: voyage to poisonous rocks and sharks-cats

Photo: press service of “Moskvarium”

Moskvarium at ENEA temporarily closed to visitors, but the experts of the Center of Oceanography and marine biology continue to take care of water inhabitants. 15 APR Moscow online will give its viewers the opportunity to watch the work of ichthyologists and take a journey into the underwater world.

Viewers will learn about the mysteries of coral reefs, the most poisonous denizens of the depths, a life of self-isolation sand eels, sex-change fish-Napoleon, the diet of leopard sharks and more.

live, we will also show how the feeding of sharks and other inhabitants “of Moskvarium”.

See the broadcast on 15 April at 13:00 on this page, or portal Moscow online. Stream may be delayed due to objective reasons, thank you for your understanding.